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Jaringan Untuk Hutan (JAUH) is a network of NGOs and local media in Southeast Sulawesi that has an established record of accomplishment in community capacity-building and environmental conservation advocacies.

Its organizational work is mainly focused in the province of Southeast Sulawesi and 12 regencies and cities.

The fundamental idea for establishing JAUH is the awareness and the belief among its founders that multiple-party engagement and cooperation can help resolve problems and bring better natural resources management.

JAUH is expected to be the facilitator or mediator among the parties and between the communities. JAUH makes the local citizens as the principal actors in its community-based forest management while encouraging the supremacy of law in community development, forest preservation and natural resources management.

Since it was founded, JAUH has conducted the following community development programs and forest resources management programs through the Social Forestry Program in Konawe Selatan (South Konawe) and other parts of Indonesia:

  • “Fair Deal for Forest Dependent Civil Society: Innovation in the Commercial Forestry Sector,” which ran from 2006 to 2009 in collaboration with Tropical Forest Trust (TFT), WARSI of Jambi and SUPHEL from Central Java. It aimed to facilitate social responsiveness for forest management among citizens and forest concession holders;
  • Certification of 25 villages as eco-friendly communities, a collaborative program undertaken with JAUH Sultra, Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) and Forest Steward Council (FSC) that ran from 2003 until 2010. These are managed by the cooperatives, Koperasi Hutan Jaya Lestari (KHJL) and Lembaga Komunikasi Antar Kelompok (LKAK) in South Konawe;
  • Community Logging Development , in cooperation with TELAPAK, FFI Aceh, Forestry Faculty of Institute of Agriculture, Bogor, Forest Watch Indonesia, Bogor and ASMINDO (Indonesian Furniture’s Association). JAUH runs this as part of the forestry redesigning process and in response to deforestation and livelihood concerns in Aceh.

The organization works in close partnership with relevant government agencies like the Forest Department of Indonesia and Forestry Service of Southeast Sulawesi. Partner local and international organizations include Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI), Non Timber Forest Product (NTFP), YASCITA and SWAMI among others.

They are given funding by JICA – Forest Department, mfp-DFID Forest Department, mfp-DFID British and Samdhana Institute.

Contact Person: Abdul Halik
Office Address: Jl. Abunawas VII No. 19 Kota Kendari - Sulawesi Tenggara
Tel/Fax : +62 401 3124966
Email: jauhsultra@ymail.com

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