Yayasan Pengembangan Study Hukum & Kebijakan (YPSHK)


Contact Person: Mrs. Desy Fajariana / Mr. Nursalam Saranani
Office Address: Jl. Kolopua No 3, Kel. Tipulu, Kendari – 93117, Sulawesi Tenggara – Indonesia
Phone : +62 401 312 4403
Email: wonua@telkom.net ; wonuanggu@gmail.com

Yayasan Pengembangan Study Hukum & Kebijakan (YPSHK)-Foundation of Development Study for Law and Policies was founded on July 21, 2001 and incorporated on October 18, 2002. The organization cooperates with CSOs toward community development, with emphasis on respect for human rights, law and pluralism.

YPSHK has numerous experiences in implementing good governance and social accountability programs, among them:

  1. The Joint TIFA Indonesia, under which YPSHK ensures transparency and accountability on the procurement of goods and services in the health service of Kendari. This aims to improve the role of the public sector in monitoring the procurement of goods and services in the municipal health department;
  2. Launch of the YPSHK LEAD (Access to Justice Project), which was implemented in 15 villages of the Konawe Regency in cooperation with UNDP.  This project had the following components:
    • helping 3782 individuals to obtain the card JAMKESMAS as well as the placement of village midwives in 6 villages in the remote island of Wawonii;
    • monitoring the rehabilitation of houses for the poor; facilitation for basic education for residents; 
    • the provision of information centers; 
    • monitoring of the public policymaking process; prepared technical units of various government offices to conduct public services. One of the agencies involved in the project was the Office of Health Education in the district of Konawe.

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