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Perkumpulan Medikra’s roots can be traced back to the efforts of activists who worked for social transformation by organizing communities and undertaking social works in Kendari city of Southeast Sulawesi. They recognized that the biggest stumbling blocks to achieving reform was weak education and lack of critical thinking among the citizens; poor services; and lack of access to public information, among others. These concerns were addressed informally. What started as an informal and unorganized merging of minds eventually developed into an organization that serves as the alternative media for citizens’ democratic struggles – the Alliance of Medikra.

The group’s area of focus is the province of Southeast Sulawesi and 10 regencies and 2 cities. Perkumpulan Medikra envisions more organized, politically aware groups that will work to achieve justice and democracy within their communities by mainstreaming the fundamental values of pluralism, non-discrimination, human rights, democracy, social accountability, friendship and equality, equality of gender, sustainability of natural resources and environment and local wisdom.

The group studies and critically analyzes policies to ensure that these are fair and just. Medikra also builds capacities and encourages civil society participation to achieve social transformation. The social reform agenda is included in its community-based education programs. Lastly, the organization develops and strengthens the networks of multi-communities and engages the multiple-party system to bring in social accountability in local development planning.

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