Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI)


Contact Person: Sumarlin
Address: Jl. Malik III No. 125, Kendari – Sulawesi Tenggara
Mobile Number: +62 81341502981
Email: :,

Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) or the Alliance of Independent Journalist started as a movement to fight the authoritarian regime that closed down Detik, Editor and Tempo magazine on June 21, 1994 for their critical views of the government. The key founders of AJI in Kendari City were Syahrir Lantoni, Mappajarungi, Andi Sangkarya, and Sultan Eka Putra, all press practitioners; and Baso Sumange Rellung and Arbab Paproeka, both lawyers.

Because of their efforts, around 100 journalists gathered in Sirnagalih, Bogor on August 7, 1994 and signed a Sirnagalih Declaration that demanded for the public's right to information and sought to fight against press restraint. Even during the reformation era, AJI continued to fight for press freedom while also working toward the improvement of journalists’ welfare, capacity and professionalism.

The alliance also worked toward the creation of legal tools to protect the press. In response to AJI’s calls, Yunus Yosfiah, then with the Ministry of Information, laid the groundwork for greater press freedom, as the processing of legal permits for media was made easier. These policies opened more opportunities for press activists in Kendari to actualize the dream of press freedom. They established a tabloid named ProDemokrasi, the first publication in Southeast Sulawesi since the reformation era. The alliance continues to push for the right to information and the right to be associated and united as professional journalists. Alongside this, the alliance strives to uphold democratic press management by working for the dignity, value and welfare of press workers.


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