East Indonesia Conveners Group, Indonesia


Southeast Sulawesi is the sub-country network in Indonesia of the ANSA-EAP. There is a diverse range of initiatives among the network members but the common advocacy is social transformation. This convener’s group combines natural resource management with social accountability initiatives through education. Good governance translates to community-based management.

Social accountability initiatives are interpreted within the goal of developing communities by improving management of natural resources and developing communities through capacity-building. The province of Sulawesi is characterized by the abundance of raw materials in their lands and forests and efforts for a community-based forest and environment management, instead of private handling, were undertaken to protect these areas. Farmers’ village groups and fair trading systems were developed.

Included in the Sulawesi Convener’s Group’s work for social transformation is press activism. Journalists and reporters had to struggle against the repression of the right to information and press freedom. Such efforts were not in vain because the press was recognized for its roles in furthering the welfare and dignity of the people by giving them access to crucial issues that affect their lives. The lack of information among the poor hinders their capacity to be empowered stakeholders in their communities. The media, similarly, is seen as a channel to strengthen pro-nature attitudes and to increase awareness of good governance.

Local citizens and communities became the principal beneficiaries of the program of the network members while cooperating with like-minded local and international organizations. Communities became socially responsive on how their natural resources are to be tapped and educational activities were given to enrich the knowledge and skills in their practice. Social consciousness is raised by alternative education programs that integrate gender-responsive behavior and social accountability approaches. Activities that monitor procurement of goods and services specifically in the health sector are also done in some of the regencies of Sulawesi.


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