Khmer Institute for National Development (KIND)


Contact Person: Ms. Kem Sophy, Acting Director
Address: #458J, St 24, Village Sansom Kosal 2, Boeung Tompon, Meanchey , Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Telephone: (855) 23 212 913

Five individuals and three volunteers established the Khmer Institute for National Development (KIND) and registered it with the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia on September 19, 2003 as a secular, non-profit, non-political, non-government organization. With initial funding support from the founding members and Thin Darick, a Cambodian-American, the group’s vision is to develop the full potential of the Cambodian people through creative initiatives and active participation.

KIND has a management mechanism to oversee its expanding network of activities. KIND believes that Cambodians can and should take part in social development monitoring by building their knowledge and capacity on good governance, advocacy, planning management, democracy enforcement and family income generation, based on theory and actual implementation. The organization has two main programs:
  • Civic Alliance for Social Accountability (CASA) is dedicated to the promotion of social accountability by mobilizing civic participation in local governance and development monitoring. It conducted the capacity building program “Youth Engagement in Local Governance (YELG”) for community-based youth groups in Phnom Penh and mobilized more than 200 participants to participate in the Commune Council (CC) Monthly Meeting, during which they were able to discuss community concerns and bring these to resolution. The youth also played an important role in mobilizing communities to participate in the CC Monthly Meeting. This program now operates in Khan Toul Kork (in five Sangkat) and Dangkou (in two Sangkats). Recently, KIND has been using SAc tools such as performance monitoring, participatory planning and procurement monitoring in its projects in the province of Takeo and in the abovementioned areas.
  • Motivation to Anti-Corruption (MAC) aims to push for the adoption of the Anti-Corruption Law. With fund support from USAID through PACT-Cambodia, KIND conducted many organizational events and awareness campaigns on the Anti-Corruption for students in Phnom Penh and a public forum on civic demand for the Anti-Corruption Law at the provincial level.
In addition, it advocates for citizen engagement in government activities through performance monitoring, participatory planning and procurement monitoring. Among KIND’s objectives is to institutionalize all initiatives, especially those focusing on the adoption of the Anti-Corruption Law in the local and national governance process., KIND’s initial efforts have helped build Cambodians’ knowledge and appreciation of the importance of social accountability.

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