Strategic Planning with Cambodia Convener's Group

The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA EAP) has conducted networking and capacity building activities for social accountability in Cambodia since 2008 when it implemented the Social Accountability Schools (SAS) under the Program to Enhance Capacities in Social Accountability (PECSA) of the World Bank Cambodia Office. Such efforts have resulted in the formation of various citizen groups and networks that aim to mainstream constructive citizen-government engagement and social accountability tools in the country. Links with government, media, and other social accountability stakeholders were also extablished. For the past year and a half, ANSA EAP has been strengthening a SAc Conveners Group to facilitate community building efforts towards promoting constructive engagement and sustaining capacity building for social accountability.

In view of these gains, the ANSA EAP Operations Team arranged a strategic planning workshop and meetings with members of the Civic Alliance for Social Accountability (CASA), the ANSA Conveners Group in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from 27-28 April 2010. Included in the program for the two-day strategic planning workshop is the development of a country agenda for mainstreaming social accountability in Cambodia based on emerging plans and directions of the country network for SAc.


Cambodia Conveners Group Strategic Planning Guide
Cambodia Conveners Group Strategic Planning Results

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