Mongolia Social Accountability Learning-in-Action Program


As part of its capacity building efforts across the region, ANSA-EAP is implementing a Social Accountability Learning-in-Action (SAcLAP) program for its network partners and government officials in Mongolia.

SAcLAP is one of the learning-in-action activity packages that ANSA-EAP undertakes to promote constructive engagement between citizens and government in the use of public resources, particularly in governance reform initiatives in Mongolia. ANSA-EAP defines learning-in-action as “a highly interactive process between learners and their environment—one that aims to increase participants’ overall knowledge and skills in collaborative monitoring”.

The Program aims to build the knowledge and skills of targeted Mongolian citizen groups and counterpart government officials in using social accountability approaches, tools and techniques toward good governance.

The year-long program started in September 2010 and uses a blended approach consisting of face-to-face workshops; online mentoring and coaching activities; provision of small grants for SAc pilot initiatives; the formation of a pool of SAc practitioners in Mongolia; and networking between and among citizen groups and government representatives in Mongolia, and with the rest of the East Asia-Pacific region.

SAcLAP is a three-way partnership among ANSA-EAP, the World Bank Mongolia Country Office, and the Partnership for Social Accountability Network (PfSAN).


Two workshops comprise the face-to-face learning component of the Program—the pilot run with PfSAN members, and the actual workshop with the targeted Mongolian participants.  The pilot run of the SAcLAP workshop was held in Manila, Philippines last 18-26 October 2010. The workshop in Mongolia was held last 15-19 November 2011.


SAcLAP Pilot Documentation
SAcLAP Pilot Design
SAcLAP Pilot List of Participants
SacLAP Pilot Presentations
SAcLAP Mongolia Documentation
SAcLAP Mongolia Design
SAcLAP Monglia Presentations
SAcLAP Mongolia Learning Materials

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