EICG Core Learning Program (CLP) and Media Workshop


At least 60 participants were actively involved in two separate workshop organized by ANSA EAP, East Indonesia Conveners Group (EICG) and Kendari Media Group (Yascita, Kendari TV and Swara Alam Radio). The workshops were held in Imperial Hotel in Kendari City on 21 – 24 September 2010. The participants represented local government, local NGOs, Media practitioners, businessmen, academe, youth groups and communities. 

The workshops are part of a Social Accountability learning program organized by Yascita for its partner citizen groups and media organizations.

The workshops for EICG (NGOs/CSOs) agreed to expand its network to:

  1. Representatives of local government from three regencies and one provincial officer;
  2. Representatives of Youth Group;
  3. Representatives of Community Group.

The EICG and participants plan follow up the workshop on constructive engagement   The participant in the media workshop agreed to support the initiative  to replicate their media programs related to Social Accountability and Good Governance nationally  through the Association of Community based of Local Television (ASTEKI),  a network of local TV stations initiated and established by Yascita and many others NGO from other provinces in Indonesia.

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