SAc 101: Basic orientation on Social Accountability

ANSA EAP’s basic orientation process on social accountability, called SAc 101, provides a quick introduction to the key concepts and principles of SAc and grounds this knowledge to the participants’ own practice and vision for good governance. Its key strategy is to create a space for shared reflection and encourage learning from previous actions. These are outlined in ANSA EAP’s concept notes for the SAc 101 modules.

Presentations and workshop designs

30 minutes to 1 hour SAc 101 session

Includes initial participants’ reflection on values of good governance and constructive engagement, their gains and challenges in engaging government, and their understanding of SAc. This is followed by a short presentation on ANSA EAP’s networking strategy and its framing of social accountability, then an open forum or plenary discussion.

  • “Bantay Lansangan (Road Watch): Pathways to Participatory Governance”, a video on the Bantay Lansangan initiative in the Philippines as an exemplar of SAc. Approximately 17:02 minutes.

Bantay Lansangan (Road Watch) from ANSA-EAP on Vimeo.

  • City Efforts on Citizen-Government Partnership, video interview with Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo. Highlights efforts of the Naga City government to engage citizens in improving public services and delivering on its commitments to constituents. Approximately 9:33 minutes.

  • The Power of SAc;. Audio-visual presentation (AVP) on social accountability, ANSA EAP’s program components, and the pillars of an enabling environment for SAc. Approximately 3:39 minutes.

The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability-East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA EAP) from ANSA-EAP on Vimeo

The Four Pillars of SAc;. Audio-visual presentation on the four pillars of an enabling environment for social accountability: organized and capable citizen groups, responsive government, access to information, and appropriateness to context. Approximately 2:38 minutes.

The 4 Pillars of Social Accountability (SAc) from ANSA-EAP on Vimeo.

  • ANSA EAP SAc 101 presentation during Mongolia Conveners Group strategic planning workshop, held at Khaan Jim, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 23-24 June 2010. click here to download powerpoint.

Half-day to one-day SAc orientation.

Apart from the usual process to situate social accountability in the participants’ own experiences of governance, the half-day to one-day SAc orientation workshops feature group action planning activities. These planning sessions allow them to immediately apply insights from the workshop by agreeing on priority actions for mainstreaming SAc.

  • ANSA EAP and GPPPI SAc workshop. “Good governance and effective public procurement practice through professionalization and social accountability”, one-day SAc 101 workshop with Philippine procurement professionals. Held in Astoria Hotel, Pasig City, Philippines, 26 June 2010. click here to download workshop design/facilitators’ guide.
  • “Social accountability for barangays”. ANSA EAP presentation during SAc 101 workshop with barangay officials from Sta. Mesa, Manila, held at Ateneo School of Government, 10 April 2010. click here to download presentation.
  • “Roundtable discussion on citizen engagement for good governance in East Indonesia”. SAc 101 presentation during forum with citizen groups in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, held on 18 September 2009. click here to download presentation.

Full three-day SAc 101 workshop

Features expanded overview sessions on the Public Financial Management (PFM) cycle, selected social accountability tools, and designing social accountability initiatives and programs. Workshop can include sharing by SAc practitioners and discussion of lessons.

  • “Enhancing local planning-budgeting link through social accountability”. SAc orientation workshop with the local government officials and citizen groups of Municipality of Barugo, Leyte, Philippines. Held on 14-16 April 2009. click here to download workshop design.
  • “SAc 101 for development practitioners”. Orientation and sharing workshop with staff of AsiaDHRRA, TAN, CODE-NGO, AFA, PhilDHRRA, ANSA EAP. Held at PhilDHRRA Partnership Center, Quezon City, Philippines, 21-23 April 2009. click here to download workshop design.

Online SAc orientation. Four (4) weeks SAc 101 program with geographically dispersed learning groups or teams. Provides an overview of SAc frame, PFM cycle, SAc tools, and designing SAc programs. Features learning exercises and activities, suggested reading assignments, online discussion board exchanges, and online chats with learning facilitators and resource persons.

  • “Enhancing citizen engagement for accountable and effective governments: A regional learning program on social accountability,” Online SAc orientation as part of ANSA EAP’s learning program with Oxfam Great Britain (OGB) – East Asia, October 2009 – October 2010.
  • Online SAc orientation design. Click here to download document.
  • Weekly module introduction and instructions: