Regional Mentoring of Public Procurement Observers and Contract Monitors


In view of ANSA EAP continuous efforts to strengthen the capacities of procurement observers and contract monitors to promote transparency and accountability of government operations, the Philippine DESK of ANSA EAP conducted a Regional Mentoring of Public Procurement Observers and Contract Monitors in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon on February 27, 2012. The activity was aimed at:

  • Gaining and assessing the shared experience of provincial monitors in government procurement activity;
  • Guiding provincial procurement monitors in drafting procurement monitoring report;
  • Sharing the different stories of constructive engagement with the government;
  • Presenting the communication and feedback process between and among CSO observers, provincial network and concerned government agencies; and
  • Reviewing Provincial Action Plans and mapping the way forward

Twelve CSO observers from seven local organizations in Region 10 participated in the Bids Opening Proceeding for Basic Educational Facilities Fund for the Construction of Water Sanitation Project for twenty-nine elementary schools in Bukidnon.   Key action points identified from the learning activity for local observers were: (i) the need for continuous capacity building of CSO observers on GPRA provisions (ii) formalizing the CSO-government engagement through MOA to establish a more predictable pattern on the side of the government to constantly engage local CSOs in procurement monitoring, and (iii) continuous mentoring about the effective use of Procurement Monitoring Report (PMR).

The onsite regional mentoring of public procurement observers and contract monitors in Bukidnon is part of the series of mentoring sessions of ANSA EAP in Regions 5, 6 and 10 as pilot regions.

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