Public Performance Monitoring: Regional Learning Event on Community Scorecard and Citizen Report Card


Twenty-three social accountability practitioners from Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, East Timor, and the Philippines completed the Regional Learning Event on Community Scorecard and Citizen Report Card held on August 3-7, 2011 in Holiday Inn (Silom), Bangkok, Thailand.

ANSA-EAP, in collaboration with ANSA South Asia, conducted the activity in line with the former’s efforts to promote social accountability approaches and tools among citizen groups in the region. The activity was aimed at facilitating a regional learning and capacity building event to strengthen ANSA-EAP’s network partners’ capacity to monitor government performance through the use of citizen report cards (CRC) and community scorecards (CSC).

Specifically, the activity aimed at providing the participants a venue to (a) scan and understand the current situation in participatory performance monitoring in the region, (b) learn about CRC and CSC as social accountability/performance monitoring tools, (c) design CRC and CSC instruments customized to existing needs, and (d) prepare CRC/CSC action plans to be applied in planned or existing projects in their respective organizations.

Dr. Gopakumar Thampi was the principal resource person of the learning event. Dr. Gopa, as he is fondly called, is head of the ANSA South Asia and the Global Partnership Fund Institute of Governance Studies, which is housed in BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has solid experience in the theoretical and practical aspects of performance monitoring tools, specifically CRC and CSC.

The learning event was facilitated by ANSA-EAP’s Capacity Building and Learning Team. Dr. Angelita Gregorio-Medel, ANSA-EAP project director, provided support and guidance to the activities.

To sustain the learning process, the participants registered in ANSA-EAP’s online learning platform called Social Accountability 101. The website offers social accountability learning modules specifically designed for SAc practitioners in the region and avenue for knowledge exchange and sharing. A one-day special session on social accountability in the extractive industry (EI) was also held, focusing on how public performance should be monitored among the sector’s major stakeholders, such as the government (local and national), the communities, and the EI players. Attention was given to the industry’s “global standards”, which pushes for greater corporate accountability in the private sector. Those who attended were the participants from the EI sector of the four countries.


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