GTZED Enhancing Local Planning - Budgeting Link

The “Workshop on Enhancing Local Planning-Budgeting Link through Social Accountability” was aimed at impressing upon the participants the value of social accountability (SAc) in enhancing the link of local planning and budgeting processes towards improved development and governance outcomes.

Participants in the workshop were the LGU staff and personnel of the Municipality of Barugo, Leyte headed by Mayor Alden Avestruz, all of whom belonged to the Technical Working Group (TWG) that was set up by virtue of an Executive Order specifically for the Project. The ASoG resource persons/facilitators – Mr. Randee Cabaces and Mr. Dondon Parafina – were supplemented by resource persons from the regional offices of Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), and Department of Finance (DOF). Practitioner-consultants, a former city mayor (Atty. Franklin Quijano of Iligan City) and a former city administrator (Mr. Jimmy Yaokasin, Jr., concurrently Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Development Academy of the Philippines), also took part in the workshop as part of the project design. Mr. Adelfo V. Briones of ASoG served as the overall workshop facilitator.

The approach to the Workshop hinged on the phrase “development of a replicable methodology”, understood as a methodology that is not only facilitative to learning but can also be easily applied to and replicated in other social service areas. The main features of the methodology included the selection of a completed social service project as a case study; the use of experience-based, inductive/adult learning approach; and the utilization of the “experience-experts/prescriptions-strategy-sustainability” approach.


Plan-Budget Link Documentation
Plan-Budget Link Terminal Report
Plan-Budget Link Workshop Design
Plan Budget Link Project Framework
SAc Assessment Tool
SAc Process Workshops
Plan Budget Link Planning Matrix
Barugo LGU SAC Plan
Plan Budget Link Attendance Summary
Evaluation Forms (Daily Evaluation 1, Daily Evaluation 2, Final Evaluation)
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