Social Accountability School I

The first major activity of the Program to Enhance Capacity in Social Accountability (PECSA) is the Social Accountability School (SAS), which was a basic orientation course on social accountability (SAc).  It was held on the months of March and April 2009 in Cambodia.

The SAS used a symposium arrangement, where the learners gather in a common plenary venue. This optimizes the utilization of the international resource experts in view of the possibility of training multiple groups. It likewise encourages cross-sector and cross-discipline interactions. The symposium arrangement, more importantly, has the advantage of providing the atmosphere of a bigger community of learning, which reinforces the collaborative and cooperative attitude. It also exposes the learners to varied insights and opinions, which helps prevent highly biased and close-minded dispositions.



Consolidated Materials
Learning Needs Assessment Form
Evaluation Form
Module I - Ethics
Module II - Lesson I, Consensus Building
Module II - Video Presentation
Module II Annex - Exercise
Module III - Procurement and Fund Tracking