Program to Enhance Capacity in Social Accountability (PECSA)

Under PECSA, the Ateneo School of Government, which currently hosts ANSA-EAP, was designated as one of two international capacity building institutions (ICBI).

Its main task was to develop and deliver capacity building modules on social accountability. The other ICBI was the Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), based in India, and one local training organization, SILAKA of Cambodia. These made up the capacity building designing team for PECSA.

The PECSA activities had total of three iterations.

Social Accountability School I

The first major activity of the Program to Enhance Capacity in Social Accountability (PECSA) is the Social Accountability School (SAS), which was a basic orientation course on social accountability (SAc).  It was held on the months of March and April 2009 in Cambodia. The SAS used a symposium arrangement, where the learners gather in a common plenary venue. This optimizes the utilization...


PECSA Final Report
MCEV 2009 Report
MCEV 2008 Report

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