Mainstreaming Social Accountability in Oxfam’s Regional Change Strategies in East Asia

On September 2009, ANSA-EAP partnered with Oxfam Great Britain (OGB)-East Asia to boost OGB’s efforts in the region in “building accountable and effective governments that enable the poorest, most marginalized, and vulnerable women and men in East Asia to claim their rights and to access quality services and economic opportunities.” The partnership aims to mainstream social accountability in OGB-East Asia’s governance framework for action, change strategies, approaches, key program areas, and ways of working.

Social accountability involves organized and capable citizen groups engaging government and other duty bearers in a constructive and sustained manner to hold the latter accountable for their actions and performance.


Notes on Learning Program
Learning Brief

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Phnom Penh Workshop

The workshop is the final activity in the year-long learning engagement between ANSA EAP and OGB to mainstream social accountability approaches in the work of OGB country teams in East Asia.  It culminates an 8-week online mentoring process that addressed concerns in designing and customizing social accountability projects of the different country teams. Participants explored ways to...

Online Mentoring

ANSA-EAP held online mentoring sessions to help its network partners explore new ways to use social accountability (SAc) tools; facilitate in-country and cross-country learning; and mainstream SAc into their program design. Through live chats and online peer-assist programs, network partners learned from the experiences of SAc mentors and learning partners. Resources Mentoring Plan Mentoring...


Hanoi Workshop

As part of a long-term learning engagement between ANSA EAP and OGB to help mainstream social accountability approaches in OGB's regional and country strategies, ANSA EAP facilitated a face-to-face workshop for OGB staff in Hanoi. This is part of a learning and capacity building program using a blended learning approach. The Hanoi workhop, participated in by 26 OGB staff, aimed to build...


Online SAc Course

The online social accountability (SAc) learning program aims to enhance the capacities of Oxfam program staff and partners to exact accountability from governments and other power holders in the East Asia region towards ensuring effective governance and delivery of public services to marginalized people. Through an action-oriented mentoring and coaching process, it deepens participants’...

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