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Development Partners

World Bank Institute (WBI)
Ateneo School of Government (ASoG)
Philippines-Australia Public Financial Management Program (PFMP)
Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF)

Conveners Groups

Civic Alliance for Social Accountability, Cambodia

  1. Star Kampuchea
  2. Buddhism and Society Development Association (BSDA)
  3. Cambodia Center for Independent Media (CCIM)
  4. Demand for Good Governance Project, Ministry of Interior
  5. Khmer Institute for National Development (KIND)
  6. MEDiCAM
  7. People Center for Development and Peace (PCDP)
  8. Social Accountability School Alumni (SASA)
  10. Youth Committee for Unity and Development (YCUD)

Partnership for Social Accountability Network, Mongolia

  1. Democracy Education Center (DEMO)
  2. Center for Citizen’s Alliance (CCA)
  3. Chingeltei District Health Unit (CDHU)
  4. Center for Social Responsibility (CSR)
  5. Infratest
  6. Independent Research Institute of Mongolia (IRIM)
  7. Mercy Corps Mongolia
  8. Responsible Mining Initiative for Sustainable Development (RMI)
  9. Transparency Foundation

Northern Luzon Coalition for Good Governance, Philippines

  1. Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government
  2. Cordillera Volunteer Missioners, Inc. (CVM)
  3. Diocesan Social Action Commission – Bayombong
  4. Kalinga Apayao Religious Sector Association (KARSA)
  5. Responsible Citizens, Empowered Communities and Solidarity towards Social Change (RECITE, Inc.)
  6. Social Action and Development Center Monitoring Team Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe
  7. Social Action Center of the Diocese of Ilagan (SAC – Ilagan)
  8. Zenaida-Brigida Hamada Pawid

East Indonesia Conveners Group, Indonesia

  1. Jaringan Untuk Hutan (JAUH)
  2. Komnasdesa-Sultra
  3. Perkumpulan Medikra
  4. Perkumpulan Telapak
  5. Perkumpulan Yascita
  6. Yayasan Pengembangan Study Hukum & Kebijakan (YPSHK)
  7. Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI)
  8. KPI Sultra

Java Conveners Group, Indonesia

  1. Indonesia Parliamentary Center (IPC)
  2. Bandung Trust Advisory Group (B_Trust)
  3. Bandung Institute of Governance Studies (BIGS)
  4. Indonesia Corruption Watch
  5. LAKPESDAM NU JATIM (Institute for Study and Human Resource Development of NU East Java)
  6. Sains Estetika dan Teknologi (SET)
  7. SEKNAS FITRA (Indonesia Transparency Budget Forum)
  8. Transparency International Indonesia (TI Indonesia)
  9. PATTIRO (Pusat Telaah & Informasi Regional)


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