Java, Indonesia

Partners in Java, Indonesia, support institutions that encourage transparency and accountability in an environment where corruption is perceived to be pervasive. SAc initiatives are mostly in budget transparency. Partners conduct budget monitoring and analysis to safeguard the integrity of the budget process from the national to the local levels. They apply SAc tools and innovations on performance monitoring to foster greater civic engagement. Some partners create venues for public dialogue and consultation so that government leaders can know the issues that affect people at the grassroots level, an approach that helps develop greater trust in the government. There are also information-sharing activities and programs using new media.


ANSA-EAP activities in Java, Indonesia, have included the following:

ANSA-EAP has also provided grant assistance to the strategic initiatives of—

  • Yayasan Pusat Telaah dan Informasi Regional (“Youth for Social Accountability“, 2009)
  • Komunitas Indonesia untuk Demokrasi (“Mainstreaming Social Accountability in the Curriculum of the Komunitas Indonesia untuk Demokrasi Democracy School”, 2009)

East Indonesia

Partner groups in East Indonesia have social transformation as their common advocacy. They interpret SAc initiatives within the goal of developing communities by improving management of natural resources and developing communities through capacity building and education. Some partners engage in press activism on the belief that lack of information among the poor hinders their capacity to be empowered stakeholders in their communities. Other partners monitor procurement of goods and services, specifically in the health sector. Also carried out are alternative education programs that raise social consciousness by integrating gender-responsive behavior and SAc approaches.


ANSA-EAP activities in East Indonesia, have included the following:

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