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ANSA-EAP has six geographic focus areas. These are:

  • Cambodia
  • Java, Indonesia
  • East Indonesia
  • Mongolia
  • Northern Luzon, Philippines
  • Mindanao, Philippines

Poverty incidence is significant in these areas and service delivery remains a pressing concern. Reform for good governance is an urgent agenda. These countries are most in need of social accountability mechanisms.

Each geographic focus area has a Convenor Group. Group members are organizations that serve as the core channel of operations on SAc. They are the ones who set the direction and policies in their respective areas. They also serve as key learning resources and as a community of SAc practitioners. Each geographic network has a coordinating organization, which serves as the secretariat.

Cambodia is ANSA-EAP’s doorway to countries along the Mekong.  Indonesia is the largest Southeast Asian country with a predominantly Muslim population; its population size and political economy offer knowledge on how to scale up SAc practices. Mongolia gives ANSA-EAP access to the “East” while the Philippines, home to some of the more vibrant civil society organizations in the region and where the ANSA-EAP Secretariat is located, provides on-the-ground immersion in actual SAc work.

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