Governance and Management

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs and provides strategic direction to ANSA-EAP. President Dadang Trisasongko Secretary General, Transparency International - Indonesia         Vice-President Marlene Ramirez Secretary General, Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA)         Treasurer Angelita Gregorio-Medel, PhD...


ANSA–EAP is a relatively young organization, with most staff members below the age of 40. Many have significant experience in the development sector. They come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from Engineering, Business Management, Public Management, Mathematics, Media, Psychology, Philosophy, Communications, Community Development, and Political Science.   Helen Alkuino Finance...

Accountability Reports

The accountability reports show the activities ANSA-EAP conducted and the objectives it has achieved since its establishment. ANSA-EAP Evaluation Report 2008-2011 This end-of-the project evaluation of ANSA-EAP had the following objectives: explore the level of progress made by the project and analyze the extent to which the achievements have supported ANSA-EAP’s goal, evaluate the...


Financial Reports

The Financial reports show ANSA-EAP's audited Financial reports since it was spun off as an independent foundation in 2011 and the tax returns it has submitted to the Bureau of Internal Revenue of the Philippines where it is registered. ANSA-EAP's Income Tax Returns and Financial Statements 2019 Income Tax Return and Financial Statement 2018 Income Tax Return and Financial Statement 2017...

Legal Documents

In this page ANSA-EAP will give our best effort to make available all the legal documents entered into by ANSA-EAP. Articles of Incorporation and By-laws read more > Memorandum of Agreements and Grant Agreements Checkmyschool Philippines MOA between the Philippines' Department of Education and ANSA-EAP on CMS (2012-2014) Open Society Institute grant to ANSA-EAP for Checkmyschool (2013-2018)...

Interns and Volunteers

ANSA-EAP partners with institutions, such as colleges and universities, for an internship and volunteer program. This provides student interns and volunteers with practical knowledge and experience in implementing social accountability projects and exposes them to the working environment of civil society practitioners and the non-government sector in general. Currently, ANSA-EAP has four...

Office Manuals

Finance Manual    

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