The ANSA Global Partnership Fund Panel

Championing and providing strategic advice to ANSA

The ANSA Global Partnership Fund Panel (GPFP) will consist of internationally recognized individuals with far-reaching experience in social accountability, demand-for-good-governance approaches, participatory governance, and related topics. One individual from each of the four existing ANSA regions will sit on the GPFP. Additional individuals will participate in the GPFP in their personal capacities, and can be drawn from civil society, the public sector, the private sector, academia, or the media. 

The GPFP’s primary objective will be to leverage its experience and expertise to enhance the impact of ANSA Global’s work.  As such, its primary mandate will be to promote the ANSAs globally as well as in their individual regions, to assist in providing overall strategic direction to ANSA Global, to help in the mobilization of resources, and to approve multi-year work programs and budgets. 

Members of the GPFP will be elected for a three-year period, with membership renewable upon the end of their first term.  The GPFP will be expected to meet formally at least once every 12 months, preferably in alignment with global/regional events to derive maximum traction from the members. For routine and urgent matters, the members of the GPFP will be expected to communicate via e-mail and telephone/skype. Extraordinary meetings of the GPFP can be requested by any of its members, and will be hosted by ANSA-Global subject to budget. The GPFP cannot make binding decisions on these issues, either on behalf of ANSA-Global, or on behalf of other stakeholders. 

Strategic Focus of ANSA Global Partnership Fund


 Focus  Objective
  Advocacy   Increase visibility for the need for citizen engagement, the appropriate use of social
  accountability tools, and the value of a community of practitioners and researchers
  • develop a communication strategy to disseminate the need for citizen engagement globally
  • promote citizen engagement, the appropriate application of social accountability tools, and ANSA
  • lobby for increased citizen engagement where necessary
  • represent ANSA
 Enhance the body of
 knowledge in citizen
  Extend the body of knowledge in citizen engagement and social accountability through
  global exchange of practice and encouragement of research
  • encourage, support research in citizen engagement and social accountability
    • case studies
    • stocktaking, surveys
    • innovation in the practice and tools of social accountability
  • obtain a base of knowledge in thematic areas for dissemination within ANSA
    • encourage new learning and experimentation with applications of social accountability in thematic areas
  • build toolkits/sourcebooks/manuals for use within ANSA and by its partner organizations,
  • maintain a database of literature in the field of social accountability,
  • build a web portal for dissemination of the practice of social accountability and literature
  • provide technical assistance to regions in pursuit of this objective
 Build a Global Social
 Community by
 Leveraging off ANSA
  Sustain a global community of practitioners and researchers through support and
  complementation of ANSA Regions
  • active support ANSA regions in their community building efforts
    • promote activities of ANSA regions globally
    • provide technical assistance through coordination mechanisms (within ANSA) and access to entities outside the reach of regions,
  • provide a global forum for the exchange and sharing of best practices and for peer reviews,
  • provide a forum for a global dialogue on citizen engagement and social accountability
 Resource Mobilization
 to Sustain ANSA
  An ANSA that is self-sustaining, with resources to pursue its vision and mission
  • Raise funds for ANSA Global and to support Regions
    • Formulate and implement a funding strategy
  • Build a profile of donors
  • Conduct an active solicitation and lobbying campaign
    • Build capacity to sustain fund raising activities
  • Develop innovative mechanisms to raise funds
  • Provide technical assistance and coordination across ANSA in the area of fund raising activities and contract management
  • Develop a data base of experts in selected thematic areas and on social accountability for purposes of disseminating knowledge within ANSA and its regions
  • Keep up to date in ICT


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