ONE.ANSA 2011: Launching a Global Network for SAc


Learning from the ANSA experience
Launching a global network

It was a gathering of citizens from different parts of the world who had one agenda-mainstreaming social accountability as an approach to achieving concrete governance and development outcomes. While the participants were like-minded in their commitment to social accountability (SAc), they were also unrelenting in challenging assumptions, finding new and effective ways of doing things, making sure that the programs are making a real difference in the lives of the people. 

The event, dubbed ONE.ANSA 2011, was held on June 27–29 in the Philippines and brought together members of the regional ANSAs (Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability) from Africa, East-Asia Pacific, South Asia and the Middle East; and representatives from donor organizations such as the World Bank, Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), and Asian Development Bank to launch ANSA Global and convene its panel.

ANSA Global was created to support social accountability in regions where ANSAs are not established by providing project grants to civil society organizations and building capacities and competencies within both state and civil society institutions. ANSA Global also serves as a global connector of the regional ANSA chapters and facilitator of knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer visits so that the different networks can share their experiences and lessons with each other and with other organizations.

We invite you to join in on the Global conversation on the VOICES page, where we’ve documented some of the highlights of the conversation among the participants.


ONE.ANSA Photo Slideshow
ONE.ANSA Photos (All)
ANSA Global map
Keynote Speech by Sec. Florencio Abad (pdf copy)
ANSA Global Presentation
ANSA Arab World Presentation
Tales from the margins
Stratcomm Manila
Day 1 Recap
ICT Fiesta
Open Space:  ICT Fiesta
Open Development

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