ANSA Global

Strengthening Voice. Building Partnerships. Improving Governance.

Mandate of ANSA Global

The mandate of ANSA Global is two-fold:

  • To link existing regional networks (in Africa, East Asia and Pacific, South Asia and soon, the Middle East and North Africa) and to provide a global platform for networking, capacity building/cross-learning, strategic support, and knowledge generation and applied innovations
  • To serve as a central clearinghouse for knowledge and best practices, and to foster the global expansion of its network of social accountability practitioners. 

Vision and Mission

Vision: Promoting Responsive Government & Building Active Citizenship

Mission Statement: To build a global community dedicated to the global expansion of citizen engagement in the governance process through the application of and research on social accountability.


The Secretariat for ANSA SAR based at the Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University, Dhaka Bangladesh is currently managing the ANSA Global, or ANSA Global Partnership Fund (GPF), to promote Social Accountability concepts and practices globally. The Secretariat became operational in July 2009 with a staff of four and an annual budget of USD 1 million for South Asia and USD 500,000 for the global component.

An all-ANSA partner meet was convened at the Ateneo School of Government during August 7-9, 2009 to explore ways to promote the global agenda of ANSA. This initial meeting also helped to sharpen the focus of the Global mandate and also, profile possible rollout strategies. The global agenda was further explored and discussed with a peer support group in Frankfurt during October 1-2, 2009.

During the last 11 months, a series of events were organized to advance the global agenda. Broadly, they included: organizing capacity building / training events, roadshows, small project grants, knowledge products and network support. Three regional ‘hubs’ have been identified as strategic entry points – Middle east & North Africa (MENA); Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC); and East Europe & Central Asia (ECA).

As the second round of the GPF is getting ready, it is timely that all ANSAs and WBI collectively review the scope, profile and potential of GPF, design a governance framework and identify areas/themes for future work.

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